We custom build to fit your needs.  Looking for something not listed below, just ask.  If we can build it, we’ll do it for you.

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We offer louvered vents, installed in the sides of the containers to solve a variety of issues sometimes faced with containers.  Most commonly, trapped heat inside the container can cause the container to sweat.  Properly ventilating the container will solve this problem by allowing the container to change temperatures more evenly with the outside temperature (Min. 2 Required)  $85 Each

36” Personnel Door or 6 ' Roll-Up Door


Ease the access into your container or more efficiently utilize your storage space by adding a roll-up or personnel door.   Prices start at $695.00


Contractor Lockbox 


Add additional security to your container with a contractor lockbox.  The box is welded to the right hand door with a tab welded to the left door.  When the doors are closed the tax goes inside the box and safely secures a lock where bolt cutters cannot reach. $95 each


36” Windows with or without Burglar Bars 


Whether you are wanting to add natural light or provide ventilation to your container without sacrificing security, we have either of these options to accommodate your needs.   Prices start at $350 without bars and $550 with.


Painting Options



All containers are sold in spot primed condition, prepped and ready for new paint.   New paint can be added to the exterior or interior to protect your investment as well as improve the overall appearance.  Prices for single color exterior start at $375 for a 20' and $595 for a 40'.





Electrical Packages


Outfit your container with lights and plugs to get the most out of your unit.  We offer standard packages as well as customizing them for your needs.  All fixtures and boxes are welded to the container to keep from piercing the exterior with screws.  All wiring is in conduit and breaker boxes can be installed on the interior or exterior to best fit your needs.  Packages start at $975.00.


Shelving System


Our shelving brackets are portable and movable.  No welding required.  Brackets hang in the existing load loops welded into the top rail of the container.  We recommend placing the brackets approx. 8 foot apart. Three brackets will give you three 18" shelves on a full side of a 20 foot container.  The best part is that they do not take up any valuable floor space.  Prices start at $65 each.

To Fit any Need


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